Monday, November 23, 2009

I seen this over on Jenny's blog thought it would be fun ( )

A - Age: 46
B - Bed size: King
C - Chore you hate: Picking up after everyone! Scrubbing the bathroom
D - Dog's name: No Dog but it used to be ~ Tiger ~ a golden Lab
E - Essential start your day item: Coffee
F - Favorite color: To wear, black To decorate with, blues,greens,nature colors
G - Gold or Silver: Gold
H - Height: 5'6"
I - Instrument you play: None now, but I tried to play the flute,clarinet,violin when I was a kid but, always wanted to learn to play the piano.
J - Job title: Business Owner ~ Picture Perfect Embossing
K - Kid(s): 2 girls, 4 Boys ~ 5 Grand kids with two more on the way.
L - Living arrangements: I live with my husband and Bird Scarlett Macaw Macki
M - Mom's name: Barbara
N - Nicknames: mom, honey, babe, shelly,mommy only when they want something
O - Overnight hospital: Meningitis when I was little, tonsils, children birth, 2 different surgeries.
P - Pet peeve(s): Fake people! People that are 2 faced and only nice when they get something from you.
Q - Quote from a movie: You had me at hello....
R - Right or left handed: Right
S - Siblings: 3 sisters and 2 brothers.
T - Time you wake: about 8am on a good day
U - Underwear: Yes of course!!!!
V - Vegetable you dislike: none that I have tried, but I am "sure" I don't like okra, yams,
W - Workout style: to not stop trying to get one
X - X-rays you've had: some as a child, lungs and brain scans, your typical ones throughout life.
Y - Yesterday's best moments: My parents are gone so those ones top the list, birth of my children & Grandkids, Moments on vacation with my husband it's the only time it's all about just him and me and I love them moments.
Z- Zoo favorite: hmmmm.... Well I'd say the polar bears and seals and penguins there is a pattern there but I also love the dolphins too. all water animals go figure.

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I just found your blog because you showed up on a Blog Frog. I love this post. Sooo clever. ~ Yaya
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