Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Being a Woman

Ok I feel like I have been walking around in a daze the last couple of days and still feel groggy???? what the heck! These darn Hot flashes are going to kill me urgh whoever said being a woman was easy, obviously was a man : )
I'm having them all day and night and the only relief I have is when I'm in front of a fan. I'm in Michigan and it's freezing so this is not the time to be having them. My sister in law recommended taking Black Cohosh but it takes 2 weeks to kick in.
Well I hope it does because I leave for Mexico in 3 weeks and I'll have to live in the pool, which is where I will be anyway but would like to be on vacation without being miserable. My husband is sympathetic but I think he sure is ready for me to get through this : )


Jen said...

Good luck...My mom used to use estrogen cream, you might want to talk to some health food store about it, it is faster acting, or at least it was for my mom. She would, if i remember right, but it on at daily. here's some info from a website about it.
The FDA has approved a new estrogen-containing "lotion" called Estrasorb. It contains 17-beta estradiol in a soy-based oil formulation. When this lotion is applied to the skin, estrogen is absorbed into the bloodstream. Estrasorb is intended to help treat women's menopausal hot flashes.

Comment: Estrasorb should be applied daily only to legs, thighs and calves. Never on the breasts or the face. It should not be used by women with known or suspected pregnancy, breast cancer, abnormal genital bleeding, blood clots, stroke or heart disease. And just like hormone therapy (HT), it is recommended that Estrasorb be used in the lowest dose and for the least duration required to provide relief. Estrogen is estrogen is estrogen.

Shelly said...

Thanks Jen
At this point I'm willing to try anything!!