Monday, January 11, 2010

Good Ultrasound report

OK so my daughter went to the Dr's, finally found one that would see her with her insurance and being high risk it really has been a chore! (she is 17 weeks)and luckily her old doctor called in a perscription for her medicine and she was able to start taking that right away.
So anyway she went had an ultrasound and has great heartbeat and is a .....GIRL!!
We are so excited she has a 4 year old boy, she has to be on her medicine for another month so if she were to lose it would be just devestating (she lost one at 4.5 mths before) she has had about 5 miscarriages and miscarried twins last year.
And is doing great carrying this one (fingers crossed)
I think her name is going to be Olivia Isabella
My other daughter went for her ultrasound and is due 3 weeks before the other : ) everything is going well with her pregnancy too and she is having a >>>>> BOY!! She has a 18mth old little girl so they are both getting what they want.
His name is going to be Jayden Henry

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Jen said...

Great news. I will say a prayer for your family and those precious babies! Congratulations Gramda!