Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Name suggestions for a middle name

Ok so I'm getting ready to pack up everything for my weekend crop that I put on a few times a year and you know I just don't feel like it... What is up with that I do enjoy doing them but the work and effort far out way anything I make at it. Good thing I have the moments when I close my eyes and feel my toes in the sand and the ocean breezes on my face...ahhhhh....I leave in 2 WEEKS from today for Mexico for a badly needed 3 weeks vacation, goodness I have so much to do for that too.
It cost us almost as much as an airline ticket to take our luggage how crazy is that.
We are going to go scuba diving this trip. I've always wanted to do that but, now that we are hmmmmm are there sharks in that ocean?? lol
Ok so my daughter wants to name her baby girl..Olivia Isabella but I think her husband is trying to pop her bubble with the Isabella part of it do you have any middle name suggestions that would go well with Olivia (she doesn't want like Marie and Renee or Ann) you know the more typical middle names ??
Well I guess I've delayed getting things together long enough wish me luck....


Kylee said...

Hi there-thanks for following my blog. I always love new followers! :)

Happy (almost) Friday!

Drea said...


Olivia Rae
Olivia Reese
Olivia Paige

Those were the first to pop in my head. Good luck.

Sounds like you have a very fun trip planned. Can I go too? ;)