Friday, January 29, 2010

Off to Mexico

Well we are off to Mexico in 5 days I will be sitting on the beach, and goodness I just can't wait.
So it will be not until the end of February that I will be updating anything or sending out orders. If you have any questions feel free to email me and I will have access to my email every couple of days.
Boy it sure has been a long week. I keep forgetting about appts. This am went for a facial was ok probablly wouldn't have that done again. I go for a pedicure on Tuesday and then in the pm I finally get my hair trimmed and roots dyed I'm looking like a skunk!!I had to miss my other appt a couple of weeks ago because the hairdresser broke her ankle so I am overdue for my roots to be done. : )
We are taking my 4 year old grandson to dinner tonight (well actually his parents are we are tagging along) he has been going crazy when those red lobster commercials come on he gets so mad at his Mom and says you were suppose to take me there.. You really have to see it too funny.
Here is a new photo of the newest grandson

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Cascia said...

Have a wonderful time!